We offer customized training courses for both managers and hotel staff. Our courses are designed to fit your specific needs and cover a wide range of ESG and hotel sustainability topics.

Why choose us

Above all, our company values sustainability, innovation & excellent customer services. You can trust us to bring you the best in the business.

Training courses for managers

We offer tailor-made training courses for hotel managers, with the aim of equipping them with the necessary skills to lead the transition towards more sustainable management. Courses may cover topics such as setting sustainability goals, creating internal policies, managing environmental and social impact, and communicating sustainability to stakeholders.

Training courses for collaborators

We offer specific training courses for hotel staff, with the aim of raising awareness and involving them in sustainability. These courses may cover topics such as waste management, saving energy, responsible use of water resources, promoting sustainable behavior among guests and awareness of social issues related to tourism.

ESG course and sustainability in hotel companies

We offer a comprehensive course that delves into the key aspects of ESG and sustainability in the context of hospitality businesses. This course provides an in-depth overview of the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability in the hospitality industry and features best practices and inspiring case studies.

ESG and hotel sustainability

The Importance of ESG Education and Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry In today's global landscape, sustainability has become a priority for many companies, including hotel establishments. Knowing the grammar of sustainability and understanding how to integrate it into your daily operations is essential to improve your environmental, social and economic performance.